Rosanna’s class is fun and practical. She makes u feel comfortable, confident and is clear and direct in her teaching methods.
A great teacher!

Claire Nakazawa

I have received lessons from Rosanna over a two year period and have always found them to be fun, informative and extremely useful. Most importantly they have helped to improve my singing technique and ability. My range has improved, my confidence has improved, and I genuinely look forward to lessons. Rosanna has a relaxed attitude that helps to make her students feel at ease. I highly recommend her as a singing teacher and as a guitar teacher.
Grace Wood, student


Grace Wood

My voice has strengthened since doing lessons with Rosanna. She is a great teacher. I always come away discovering a new and improved way to use my voice.

Val Stanger

I have been taking singing lessons with Rosanna for roughly six months. She is a great teacher and has made me feel at ease since the first lesson. My confidence in my singing has grown immensely since I started and I attribute that to the personalised approach of Rosanna’s classes. She has taught me basic music theory in an easy to understand way. I feel like I am getting more than just singing classes. I am getting music classes which can only make me a better singer. I highly recommend Rosanna as a singing teacher.

Vinessa Trikeriotis

I would not hesitate in recomending Rosanna to anyone contemplating singing lessons. Rosanna’s technique has been invaluable to my singing ability. Since starting lessons with Rosanna I have experienced a huge improvement to the quality, timbre and placement of my voice. My range has expanded to three octaves and I’m working to extend that further. I’m extremely satisfied with the results I have achieved so far and looking forward to continuing my association with Rosanna well into the future.

Jan Bakker

I have been coming to Rosanna for three years. She is an amazing singing teacher and talented musician. Her knowledge, insight and experience of singing makes her lessons truly worthwhile. Thanks to Rosanna I am now much more confident in my singing ability.

Courtney Lewis